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My name is Anya Hricko

My Mission

My life's journey has ignited the fire behind my mission. Understanding the life-giving potency of embodiment, I'm fervently driven to lead others into the fullness of their potential. Whether it's breaking free from the grip of old traumas and embracing a revitalized identity, harnessing your sensitivity and unique gifts to thrive in an intricate world, or achieving an elevated level of radiance and aliveness where endless possibilities abound—I'm here to shepherd you through this transformational expedition.

Foundational Beliefs That Guide My Work

  • Unique Gifts: Each person has a distinct gift to offer the world.

  • Foundation of Change: Self-love and self-acceptance fuel transformative shifts.

  • Growth in Support: Nurturing environments foster growth and change.

  • Embracing Assistance: We all require a helping hand along our journey.

  • Collective Transformation: With support, you can alter your life's trajectory—know you're not alone.

  • Empathic Evolution: Highly sensitive individuals and empaths are pivotal in today's evolution.

  • Deserving of Wellness: You deserve to feel good and safe.

  • Body's Healing Power: Your body is a reservoir of healing and transformation—you just need the means to communicate with it.

  • Embracing All Aspects: There's room for every part of you and every emotion you experience.


PhD in Clinical Somatic Psychology

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Certifications and Trainings

  • 120-hour Certification in Mind Body Coaching - Embody Lab

  • 120-hour Certification in Embodiment Coaching - Embodiment Unlimited

  • HSP  Coach Certification -

         Nickerson Institute

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner - 3 year training in Trauma Resolution

  • Trauma Informed Heart Math Practitioner 

  • Somatic Movement Therapist

  •  Somatic Parts Work (IFS-Informed) - Embody Lab

  • Spontaneous Transformation Method

  • Yoga and Meditation Instructor

  • Positive Neuroplasticity Professional training with Dr. Rick Hanson

  • Extensive training in Process Oriented Psychology,

  • Power of Embodied Transformation with Coaches Rising

  • The Neuroscience of Change with Coaches Rising

  • Neuroscience of Embodied Learning Professional Training with Amanda Blake

My Approach

I work with you and for you. I delve deep into listening, intuiting, and reflecting what I perceive. I hold the space for your transformation. Over my 35 years in the field of embodiment and mind-body healing arts, I've gathered a diverse toolkit that I'm excited to employ in our journey together. I draw from my extensive training in mind body approaches, neuroscience, trauma resolution, creative and expressive arts, the art of embodiment and more.

Coaching vs. Psychotherapy: A Distinct Difference

Diverging from psychotherapy's emphasis on past experiences and coping strategies, coaching pivots towards the present and the future—where you stand now and where you aspire to go. While psychotherapy adheres to a medical model, diagnosing and treating mental illnesses, coaching takes a different route. It doesn't diagnose or treat mental illness and functions effectively with a certain level of stability.

Please be aware that I no longer provide psychotherapy services. My comprehensive training, which includes a doctorate in clinical somatic psychology, has equipped me with a firm foundation and expertise to nurture a safe and secure environment where you can flourish. The skills I've cultivated over years of training and clinical practice will always enrich my approach and benefit my clients. However, I've chosen to step beyond the boundaries of traditional psychology, emphasizing your strengths, creativity, and untapped potential. I don't approach this role from a psychological standpoint; instead, I function as a mentor and mind-body coach, guiding you on your journey of growth and transformation.

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