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Integrative Somatic Therapy and Coaching


Perhaps you are here to move beyond trauma which has held you back in life or receive support when life feels overwhelming.

Maybe you are looking for the kind of support that honors all of you (body, mind, heart and soul) in your journey to thrive in life. An approach that is not trying to fix you, put you in box, diagnose you and treat you as if you were broken.  An approach that sees you as whole, perfect in your own way and just needing support to discover your strengths and unique gifts. Yet, maybe you are ready to go the next step to a higher level of living and embodying your truth. 


Especially For Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and Empaths

All my services are HSP Empath informed. As an HSP empath myself, I love supporting other HSPs and Empaths. I want to acknowledge that those of us with high sensitivity thrive in environments where we are seen, validated and supported for the beautiful souls we are and the superpowers of our unique gifts. I see you; I hear you and I will support you to find balance and embrace your sensitive nature and gifts so that you can be in the world in a way that feels good to you. 


Transforming trauma for HSPs/empaths needs to be suited for your nature and pacing. I am aware of that and skilled at meeting you in your own unique needs. Somatic Experiencing (body-centered trauma approach) is especially well suited for HSP/empaths as it focuses on embodied experience with a gentle, slow and effective approach to transforming trauma that lives in the body. I welcome any questions you may have and look forward to supporting you. 




Do you feel that trauma is holding you back from who you are really meant to be? Have you done all kinds of work but don’t feel like you are getting anywhere?


I hear you. Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming to move beyond trauma. Especially if you are not using the right tools and methods that address where and how trauma lives.


Although increasing your understanding of your trauma through talking therapy is important, it doesn’t move the dial enough. Trauma lives in the body and an embodied approach is essential to rewire those experiences and your nervous system so you can live in a new way.


I help those with traumatic imprints open to new possibilities of safety, resiliency, nervous system regulation, joy and meaning through engaged somatic therapy.


I see past trauma as a gateway to deepening a relationship with self and discovering what is important to you and who you really are so you can move forward in life with more ease. It is a hopeful process of moving beyond the imprints of trauma to a new landscape of possibilities.

Together we engage in a creative process that is individualized for your unique needs. As a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I am skilled at working at the level of the nervous system to help with emotional regulation, nervous system balance and gentle release of traumatic imprints that live in the body. Also drawing on my extensive background of body/mind therapies we may integrate Heart Math practices, Somatic Parts Work, Positive Neuroplasicity and creative processes such as movement and writing, if appropriate.

The work can be joyful and enlivening as the process allows you to embrace your true self. The self that is free of trauma, building on the capacity to be free. It is not about digging into traumatic stories which can keep you stuck, but finding the regulation and peace inside to gently release those stories and build a new more life-giving story that can nourish you.

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Somatic Psychotherapy

Would you like to be seen, heard and understood for who you truly are and be supported through a path that is individualized for your unique needs?


You are not broken or in need of fixing. I see you as whole, perfect in your own way and support you in becoming more of who you are meant to be. For when you tap into the wholeness of who you are, so much more is available for you and your life.


Perhaps you’ve tried a lot of different things to create more balance and ease in your life but did not feel they helped much. I understand. I traveled a lot of paths myself. It wasn’t until I discovered somatic approaches that I felt truly met.


Your body holds the stories of a lifetime and when we tap into your body's intelligence it becomes possible  to shift your experience at a foundational level and create lasting change. When we work with the body, we are tapping into a wisdom and intuition that is not available in other ways. We change and grow through experience. Embodiment allows all of you to experience a new way to think, feel and move forward. After all, your body is your home and coming home to your body can help you feel more alive, more grounded, give you a felt sense of safety, trust and clarity.


I invite you to discover who you truly are, all of you, and be supported through an embodied approach to true transformation.


 "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

- Carl Jung.

Integrative Somatic Coaching

Would you like to create the changes you desire with more ease and effectiveness? Would you like to experience a recognized pathway to get from where you are now to where you want to be?

Somatic Coaching draws on the wisdom of the body to release old patterns that get in the way and establish new patterns through embodiment that can rewire the brain to new habits and ways of being.

We cannot easily think our way to a new way of life. Many of our habits and old patterns live in the tissues of our body. Although insight and shifts in perception are important, thinking alone is not sufficient to change embodied habits or patterns.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that no matter how much you want a change or worked to create it, it just doesn’t last. However, when you go beyond thoughts and embody the change you want, it can create true transformation and lasting change.

I work with those who are ready to move beyond their limitations. Some of my clients have healed much of their trauma, but desire to show up more in their lives and work. Yet, they feel stuck and unable to move beyond their embodied reactions.


Somatic coaching can help to bring awareness to old patterns and help the body catch up to the growth they have already done. This can make an enormous change in the ability to move forward in your wholeness.

Other clients are just ready to embrace more of who they are and step into their wholeness with the ability to express themselves authentically in relationships and the world or move forward in their work and careers.

As a therapist and a coach, I bring a unique capacity to hold space for your emotional/psychological experiences and also empower you to take the next powerful steps in your life.

Transform Trauma
Reclaim Your Freedom to Feel Good and Discover Your True Self

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